Face to Face Personal Training –  1x 60 minute Session

  • Currently available to anyone in Singapore
  • This option is for anyone who is looking for Fat loss, Muscle tone or Muscle building sessions.
  • Fast results, high intensity sessions, proven results
  • Cost: 85 SGD a session

Face to Face Personal Training – x10 60 minute Session Package

  • Build some consistency in your training with 10 packages
  • 10 sessions and you will be seeing SERIOUS results
  • Go through Nutrition, Sleep, and Exercise patterns
  • Go through a variation of workouts based on your goals and abilities.
  • Consoltation sessions working out your strengths and  areas to improve.
  • Customsied Personal Training program
  • Cost : 800 SGD for 10 sessions

The Ultimate Face to Face Training Program

  • Cost: 1000 SGD a month
  • Includes: EVERYTHING
  • Training package will have 2 physical training sessions a week
  • We wil break down every aspect to get you your goals
  • Customised programs
  • Nutrition Advice
  • Sleep and recovery analysis
  • Body Analysis
  • 24/7 Whatsapp support

7 Healthy Habits Checklist

  • Cost: FREE
  • Breaks down 7 importnat elements in miantaining and improving health
  • Checklist you can use in everyday life
  • Great way to stay on track with your health

Online Personal Training – Program Creation

  • Cost: 39 SGD
  • For the person who already is active in a gym, or already has the motivation rqiured
  • Someone looking for a little kick/reboot to thier old program
  • Has a specific goal in mind and needs a program to meet that goal
  • Skype conversation and discusion about what your objectives of the program
  • On call for support 24/7

The Ultimate Online Training Program

  • Cost: 299USD a month
  • Skype consultation meeting discussing curent status
  • Nutrition Analysis
  • Customised Program creation
  • Creation of relaistic goals and timeline
  • Access to Private Folder of resources
  • Weekly Skype calls to monitor progress
  • Daily Whatsapp support

Free High Intensity Bodyweight Workout PDF

  • Cost: FREE
  • Here is your Free PDF for several high intensity bodyweight workouts
  • Guaranteed to make to sweat and burn fat
  • Can be done virtually anywhere and anytime

Sports Specifc Online Training Plan – By Application Only

  • Cost: 1000SGD a month
  • By Application Only
  • Only for athletes who are serious about a career in thier chosen sport
  • One page application letter – achievements, aspirations, current training methods and frequency
  • Diet Analysis
  • Biomechanical feedback
  • Sport Psychology techniques

Metabolic Resistance Training Program FREE PDF

  • Cost: Free
  • 3 Easy to do circuits you can do nearly ANYWHERE
  • Great ay to increase heary rate and sweat fast
  • Great for Fat Burning Goals

Complimentary Group PT Session in Singapore

  • Cost: Nothing
  • If you are based in Singapore and are looking for an enthusiastic, motivated Personal Trainer who will work with you to meet ANY goals
  • Specialised in Muscle Tone
  • Must come to MY studio in Serangoon Gardens
  • Strength and Conditioning and Elite sport background

Online Monthly Training Program – Month to Month

  • Cost: 149USD
  • Skype conversation about

Ab Blaster FREE PDF Workout

  • Cost: FREE